Steel structure

What is PEB steel structure?

In structural engineering, a pre-engineered building (PEB) is designed by a PEB supplier or PEB manufacturer with a single design to be fabricated using various materials and methods to satisfy a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements. This is contrasted with a building built to a design that was created specifically for that building. Within some geographic industry sectors pre-engineered buildings are also called pre-engineered steel structure buildings (PEMB) or, as is becoming increasingly common due to the reduced amount of pre-engineering involved in custom computer-aided designs, simply engineered metal buildings (EMB).

While pre-engineered steel structure buildings can be adapted to suit a wide variety of structural applications, the greatest economy will be realized when utilising standard details. An efficiently designed pre-engineered building can be lighter than the conventional steel buildings by up to 30%. Lighter weight equates to less steel and a potential price savings in structural framework.

Layout of PEB structure

The pre-engineered metal building system is a building enclosure system that always includes structural system and often includes roof and wall cladding.

Applications of PEB structure




Gas station

Cow shed

Glass roof

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