Power Plant Dry Coal Storage in Xinjiang

Main technical parameters of the space frame dry coal storage:

The design service life of space frame dry coal storage is 50 years. Refer to the Code for Fire Protection Design of Thermal Power Plants and Substations (GB229). The space frame adopts the form of arch, and the grid unit adopts the normal quadrangular cone. The span of the space grid is 93m, the length is 182m, the arch height is 31.5m, the vector height is 3.3m, and the projection area is 17,072 square meters.

Technical requirements of the main components:

Space frame bar: The grid structure of the fully closed coal storage is a full steel structure, using the bolt ball connection form, and the selection of steel should meet the requirements of the relevant national norms. The steel pipe of the space frame adopted high frequency electric welded steel pipe.

Bolt ball: 45# steel material and the blank steel ball is forged.

High-strength bolts: 40Cr steel material for high-strength bolts. Bolts with diameter ≤M36 are rated 10.9S and bolts with diameter ≥M39 are rated 9.8S.

Sleeve: Q235 steel material for the sleeve when d<=30, and 45 steel for the sleeve when d>30.

Blanking plate and cone: Q235B steel material, the cone head is forged.

Roofing panel: The cladding material is Al-Zn alloy coated steel plate, type 840, 0.6mm thickness.

The large span dry coal storage project is located in Wucaiwan, Xinjiang.

Bulk storage
Bolt Ball Node

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