Bulk storage

AYIS raw material shed-1
AYIS raw material shed-2
AYIS raw material shed-3

The raw material shed of Anyang Iron & Steel Group in Andaping has a total investment of CNY 170 million and consists of four parts. They are namely  coke freight yard A, ore powder yard B, mixing and flat yard C, and 13 coal yard Powder field D. Among them, the span of B is 145 meters, which is currently the largest raw material shed in China. The D has a span of 113 meters, a height of 52 meters and a width of 48 meters. Although the width is the shortest of the 4, due to the narrow width an additional layer of grid structure is addedto enhance the wind resistance.

The weight of the three-layer steel structure is heavy, and thesteel structure components reaches more than 130 tons. It is very difficult to complete the 113-meter-span docking. In order to complete the arching work, Anyang Iron and Steel coordinated six cranes to the site. The largest one has a lifting weight of 360 tons.

Muguajie Coal Storage Shed (1)
Muguajie Coal Storage Shed (2)
Muguajie Coal Storage Shed (3)

The Muguajie conical space frame structure coal storage shed is located in Shuozhou, Shanxi Province. Project dimension is 102 meters diameter and 47 meters height, total weight is about 2000tons.

The main structure anti-corrosion adopts three layers of paint with total TDF 150μm. Roof cladding is 0.5mm color steel panel with PE coating. The design service life of main structure is above 50 years, the service life of roof cladding system is more than 15 years.

The fully enclosed coal storage shed can realize fully enclosed storage of coal. It completely solves the dust pollution and material loss caused by the strong wind in the previous operation. Especially under the severe environmental protection situation, it ensures the normal production and operation of the enterprise and creates greater value for the enterprise.


coal storage yard in Dubai (3)
coal storage yard in Dubai (1)
coal storage yard in Dubai (2)

The Hassyan project is equipped with two coal storage yards. The yards are the triangular pipe truss and down-cable structure. The structure is light, beautiful, cost-efficient. The entire  yard steel structure project is strictly in accordance with international codes for structural design, material procurement, fabrication and construction acceptance. After the completion of the yard, a single coal storage yard is 677m long and 122m wide. It covers an area of up to 83,000㎡. The yard capacity of a single coal yard is 570,000 tons, which can meet at least two 600,000-kilowatt units running at full load for 45 days.

Coal storage in Huoerxinhe (1)
Coal storage in Huoerxinhe (2)
Coal storage in Huoerxinhe (3)

The circular storage has the characteristics of occupying less land, integrating storage and flowing coal.  It is convenient for sliding form construction, can avoid environmental pollution.  Therefore, it is widely used at home and abroad, and gradually develops to large scale.

Huoerxinhe coal storage adopts reinforced concrete structure at the bottom and bolt-ball space frame structure at the top. The dimension is 90m diameter and 58.8m building height.

The dome coal storage is responsible for the storage and reaction effect of mine raw coal, ensuring normal production of mines. Mine raw coal is delivered to the coal yard by scraper conveyer and 130 tape conveyor. After stacking stacking machine for stacking operation, and then it is transported to the buffer bin by 140 belt conveyor and 117 belt conveyor,  in the end, transported to coal preparation plant for washing and processing.

Pile coal diameter φ = 90m, maximum material height h = 23.2m, reserves V = 88120m3 (230 ° C), stacking machine capacity Q = 1200t / h, the stacked capacity Q = 800T / h, the rotation angle is 360 °, the pitching angle of the stacker is from -12 ° ~ 0 °, its tap angle is from -2.5 ° ~ + 40 °. Adopt international leading hydraulic drive mode and PLC control technology.


coal storage in Hai Duong (4)
coal storage in Hai Duong (2)
coal storage in Hai Duong (8)

This thermal power plant includes 2 coal storage shed. The two coal storege sheds have same dimension. The span of each one is 76 meter. The structure of coal storage is space frame which is widely use for bulk storage. 

One Belt, One Road

China and Vietnam are separated by a strip of water, and the friendship has grown stronger over time. With the increasingly frequent economic and trade cooperation and exchanges, the two countries have broad space for cooperation in the fields of energy and infrastructure construction. Under the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, with the cooperation of the construction unit China Energy China East China Construction Investment Anhui Power Construction Company No. 1 and No. 2 to go abroad, China Coal Science and Industry Group Shanghai Co., Ltd. participated in the construction of a 2 × 600MW coal-fired power plant in Hai Duong, Vietnam. World energy construction contributes its own strength.

The 2×600MW coal-fired power plant project in Hai Duong, Vietnam is a key project of the “Belt and Road” initiative. It is jointly funded and constructed by China Energy Engineering Planning and Design Group and Malaysia JAKS Co., Ltd. and operates in the BOT mode. Vietnam Hai Duong Power Plant is located in Hai Duong Province, Vietnam. The scale of construction is two 600,000-kilowatt subcritical units. The total investment of the project is 1.8685 billion US dollars. It is also the largest single investment project by a Chinese company in Vietnam so far. The construction period of the project is 54 months and the concession period is 25 years. After the expiry, it will be handed over to the Vietnamese government free of charge. After the power plant is completed, in addition to meeting the local electricity demand, it will also transmit electricity to the capital Hanoi and surrounding provinces.


bulk storage shed in Yueyang(1)
bulk storage shed in Yueyang(3)
bulk storage shed in Yueyang(4)

The bulk storage is 470 meters long, 110 meters wide and 46.5 meters high. It is currently the largest and highest space frame structure of the same type in Hunan province. It is also the first giant “capsule”-shaped storage in Changjiang River. The span is 110 meters, which is the second longest in China.

In June 2019, the environmental protection and quality improvement project of Chenglingji Port started. On October 19, the first block space frame of the bulk storage was officially installed. It completed at the end of November. The project has the characteristics of fully enclosed, new equipment, excellent technology, no pollution, strong loading and unloading capacity, and wide coverage. It has a leading position in the environmental protection of inland rivers in the country.

Capsule bulk storage

On April 25, 2020, the giant “capsule” is with the characteristics of “fully enclosed, pollution-free, strong loading and unloading capability, and wide coverage”.  Nowadays, after the ship arrives at the port, the ship unloading machine unloads the cargo at a speed of 800 tons to 1,000 tons per hour.  It takes 1.5 hours to complete the bulk loading of a train of 55 carriages (about 3,500 tons). After the “capsule” was put into use, the shipping efficiency of Chenglingji old port increased by nearly 70%, and the cost of loading and unloading decreased by 25%.

Raw material storage in Tangshan 1

The dome-shaped raw material storage is located in Hegang Industrial Park,Tangshan City. It includes the civil construction of 1#, 2#, 3# circular raw mterial storage and other related buildings and structures. The three stockyards are 120 meters in diameter, 0.7 meters thick, and 20 meters high.

The first arch of raw material storage

The space frame project has the reputation of “the first arch of the raw material storage”. The total length of the structure is 698.92 meters, the span between the supports is 109 meters, the main distance between the supports is 8.96 meters, the bottom elevation of the structure supports is 0.7 meters, and the thickness of the space frame shell is 3.5 meters. The elevation of the top of the structure is 39.748 meters, the structural form is a square quadrangular cone bolt ball space frame, the node form is a bolt ball, and the space frame support form is a column point support, which is mainly composed of rods, bolt balls, high-strength bolts, and supports and supports. It is composed of space frame accessories such as brackets, sleeves and pins.