The raw material shed of Anyang Iron & Steel Group

AYIS raw material shed-1
AYIS raw material shed-2
AYIS raw material shed-3
AYIS raw material shed-4
AYIS raw material shed-5
AYIS raw material shed-6
The raw material shed of Anyang Iron & Steel Group consists of four parts.

They are coke freight yard A, ore yard B, mixing and flat yard C, and 13 coal yard powder field D. Among them, the span of B is 145 meters, which is currently the largest raw material shed in China. The D has a span of 113 meters, a height of 52 meters and a width of 48 meters. Although the width is the shortest of the 4, due to the narrow width an additional layer of grid structure is added to enhance the wind resistance.

The weight of the three-layer steel structure is heavy, and the steel structure components reaches more than 130 tons. It is very difficult to complete the 113-meter-span docking. In order to complete the arching work, Anyang Iron and Steel coordinated six cranes to the site. The largest one has a lifting weight of 360 tons.

Bulk storage
Anyang Iron & Steel Group
35000 ㎡

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