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We never tried to cut on either quality, the pace of space frame, or any other space frame aspect. We stay true to all our promise of efficiency.

Building is
our passion

By integrating our deep expertise in space frame fabrication and installation, with unparalleled project management we excel in delivering projects on time and on budget.

Making it

Construction core values have been shaped over more than 10 years of deliverying the finest space frame construction services to all of our client.


We seek to deliver flexible  and efficient solutions.


The entire steel fabrication process is systematic.


Installation is simple with little skilled workers.

After-sales service

We add value to our projects by listening carefully to our clients.

Extraordinary structures

We use hollow steel tubes to undertake tension and compression which we connect using our own system nodes. Space frame can be used efficiently to cover huge areas with minimum interior supports.

Space frames are three dimensional, lightweight, rigid steel structures. It is constructed from interlocking struts in a geometric pattern.

Steel truss is an assembly of members such as beams, connected by nodes, that creates a rigid structure.

The pre-engineered steel structure building system is a building enclosure system that always includes structural system and often includes roof and wall cladding.

AllBulk storageGas stationRailway stationStadium/hall

Project cases

Focus on space frame structure projects.


Worldwide clients

Professionally cultivate one-to-one customer service.


Facility area

Advanced facility ensures good quality.



All workers are well trained for perfect work.


Who is TL EngineeringCompany profile

TL commit to delivering cost-effective, customized steel building solutions that address and surpass our clients’ expectations. Our rich project experience enables us to speed up the design and detailing process by eliminating overlapping tasks and working with an efficient integrated workflow.

TL's goals and ideasOur mission is to create the best construction solution for our clients

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