Space frame application cases

18/02/2024by TL

There are many space frame application cases:

  1. Bird’s Nest Stadium: In Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Stadium, a space frame structure is used. This structure is light and strong.It effectively reduces the weight of the building and improves the stability of the building.Bird net
  2. National Aquatics Center: The National Aquatics Center adopts a space framestructure. Itmakes the appearance of the building more beautiful and meets the usage requirements of the building.Aquatics Center
  3. Airport terminal building: Airport terminal buildings usually adopt long-span space framestructures to achieve openness and transparency of the space while meeting the needs of various complex functions.Airport terminal building
  4. Dome structure: In many public buildings,  space frame convention and exhibition centers, museums, etc., use dome shape. It can create a visually impactful spatial effect.dome
  5. Bridge structure: In bridge design, overpasses, viaducts, etc. usually use space frame structure. They can withstand heavy loads and complex dynamic loads, and have strong load-bearing capacity and stability.Bridge structure
  6. Space frame pipe rack: In the petroleum, chemical, steel and other industries, the support structure of the space pipe rack usually adopts a space frame structure. This structure can effectively support a large number of pipelines and equipment, and is anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, and high-temperature resistant.pipe-rack