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Common hidden dangers of space frame gas station

Let’s discussion the common hidden dangers of space frame gas station. Fire The grid steel structure has fire resistance, but when the temperature is too high, the steel will also melt, and the rigidity and elasticity of the steel will drop sharply. And the bearing capacity will be gone. To avoid such problems, the first...

Qujiang Esports Industrial Park 3
Qujiang Esports Industrial Park 2
Qujiang Esports Industrial Park 4

The main body of the Xi’an Qujiang Esports Industrial Park project adopts a steel frame + roof space frame structure. The main stadium has a projected area of 13,000 square meters. The roof span is 129m, and the maximum structural height is 33m. The steel structure of the entire project consumes more than 8,000 tons of steel. The main...

Space frame application cases

There are many space frame application cases: Bird’s Nest Stadium: In Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Stadium, a space frame structure is used. This structure is light and strong.It effectively reduces the weight of the building and improves the stability of the building. National Aquatics Center: The National Aquatics Center adopts a space framestructure. Itmakes the appearance...

space frame structure (1)
space frame structure (2)
space frame structure (3)

Space frame structure is a form of space grid structure. Most of the space frame joints are made of steel pipes and ball joints. Space frame is generally divided into the following four categories of space frame composed of plane truss system, four corner cone, triangle cone and hexagonal cone. Advantages and characteristics of the space...

space frame integral lifting method (1)

Compared with the conventional space frame installation method, the advantages of lifting method as follows: Safety: The operation platform installed by the lifting method space frame is on the ground or close to the ground, ensures the safety of construction workers in the construction operation. Quality: Since nearly 90% of the workload is completed near the ground,...

Foshan Lingnan Pearl Stadium (2)
Foshan Lingnan Pearl Stadium (1)

Foshan Lingnan Pearl Stadium consists of a main hall and two auxiliary halls. The diameter of the main hall is 128.8m and the height is 35.48m. The diameter of the auxiliary hall is 78.8m and the height is 26.45m. Structure design The entire roof adopts a continuous dome space frame structure. Different from previous dome...


Beijing Daxing International Airport terminal, is one of two international airports serving Beijing, the other one being Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK).  It is located on the border of Beijing and Langfang, Hebei Province. It has been nicknamed “the starfish.” It was completed on June 30, 2019, and began operations on September 26, 2019. Beijing Daxing covers an expanse of 2,679 hectares (6,620...

service station (1)
service station (2)
service station (3)

Sevice stations are mainly places that provide fuel for motor vehicles. They don’t need to be luxury, but they do need to have an eye-catching appearance and be friendly to customers. A service station with good affinity can attract more customers and add momentum to its prosperous business. When the grid structure is used as a gas station...

gas station canopy (1)
gas station canopy (2)
gas station canopy (3)

The gas station canopy is an important part of the gas station. The design of the gas station canopy must not only be strong, energy-saving, and waterproof, but also be beautiful and elegant. The lightweight and unique shape of the membrane structure plays an important role in the construction of parking lots and waiting rooms. ...

West Pearl River Delta Transportation Center (1)
West Pearl River Delta Transportation Center (2)
West Pearl River Delta Transportation Center (3)

West Pearl River Delta Transportation Center has a total investment of approximately RMB 4 billion and takes three years to complete. It has a total construction area of 254,500 square meters, including 54,500 square meters of station buildings. It has the characteristics of “station-city integration, three-dimensional transportation, novel design, and distinctive features”. It has 8 platforms and 20...