Grid structure service station canopy

25/09/2023by TL
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Sevice stations are mainly places that provide fuel for motor vehicles. They don’t need to be luxury, but they do need to have an eye-catching appearance and be friendly to customers. A service station with good affinity can attract more customers and add momentum to its prosperous business.

When the grid structure is used as a gas station project, its thickness, support column thickness, appearance color and other data must be comprehensively considered. The shape of grid structure service stations is usually very regular and simple. The square ceiling and columns form the main body of the structure. The periphery of the ceiling is generally decorated with aluminum-plastic panels and spray-painted cloth. The upper plane is generally covered with color steel plates, and lighting fixtures are installed on the lower plane. The ceiling does not need to be used. If a ceiling is used, aluminum gussets are generally used.

The grid structure uses a small amount of steel and the parts are all prefabricated in the factory. It is easy to install and the construction time is very short. It is very suitable for service station projects with tight construction schedule and need to be put into operation in a short time.

The service station grid structure is divided into bolted ball node and welded ball node types. The grid structure installation method is generally overall hoisting, so the service station site using this structure requires a larger installation site and crane placement.