Advantages and Characteristics of the Space Frame Structure

08/01/2024by TL

Space frame structure is a form of space grid structure. Most of the space frame joints are made of steel pipes and ball joints. Space frame is generally divided into the following four categories of space frame composed of plane truss system, four corner cone, triangle cone and hexagonal cone.

Advantages and characteristics of the space frame structure:
  1. Space work, the way of force transmission is simple. Large span space frame roof structure is more suitable.
  2. Light structural weight, good economic indicators. Compared with the flat steel roof of the same span, when the span is < 30m, the steel amount can be saved by 5~10%. When the span is > 30m, it can be saved by 10~20%.
  3. The space stiffness is large,light structural self-weight and good seismic performance.
  4. Construction and installation are easy. There are few types of space frame pipes and nodes, and the size is not large. Transportation, storage, loading and unloading, assembly are more convenient.
  5. The layout of the space frame is flexible, and the roof system is smooth, which is conducive to the installation of the suspended ceiling, pipes and equipment.