Common hidden dangers of space frame gas station

10/07/2024by TL0

space frame gas station

Let’s discussion the common hidden dangers of space frame gas station.

  1. Fire

The grid steel structure has fire resistance, but when the temperature is too high, the steel will also melt, and the rigidity and elasticity of the steel will drop sharply. And the bearing capacity will be gone. To avoid such problems, the first thing is to eliminate the fire hazards in the building, and then to carry out anti-corrosion and fire-proof treatment on the grid. It can effectively extend the fire resistance time and leave time for fire rescue.

  1. Stability

Compared with concrete structure, the stability of grid steel structure is slightly worse, but its construction time is relatively fast. It is easier to achieve than concrete for large-span buildings. As for stability, as long as the design is reasonable and there is nothing wrong with the construction, there will generally be no stability problems.

  1. Corrosion

Because the grid is made of metal, it also spends a long time under ultraviolet rays. If the geographical location of the grid is more severe, rust and corrosion will be more serious. In such a situation, anti-corrosion work must be done when the grid is first built. After the anti-corrosion work is done in the early stage, the grid structure must be inspected every six months and then anti-corrosion maintenance work must be done. This is an important practice to completely avoid corrosion accidents on the grid.

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