Coal storage in Huoerxinhe

The circular storage has the characteristics of occupying less land, integrating storage and flowing coal.  It is convenient for sliding form construction, can avoid environmental pollution.  Therefore, it is widely used at home and abroad, and gradually develops to large scale.

Huoerxinhe coal storage adopts reinforced concrete structure at the bottom and bolt-ball space frame structure at the top. The dimension is 90m diameter and 58.8m building height.

The dome coal storage is responsible for the storage and reaction effect of mine raw coal, ensuring normal production of mines. Mine raw coal is delivered to the coal yard by scraper conveyer and 130 tape conveyor. After stacking stacking machine for stacking operation, and then it is transported to the buffer bin by 140 belt conveyor and 117 belt conveyor,  in the end, transported to coal preparation plant for washing and processing.

Pile coal diameter φ = 90m, maximum material height h = 23.2m, reserves V = 88120m3 (230 ° C), stacking machine capacity Q = 1200t / h, the stacked capacity Q = 800T / h, the rotation angle is 360 °, the pitching angle of the stacker is from -12 ° ~ 0 °, its tap angle is from -2.5 ° ~ + 40 °. Adopt international leading hydraulic drive mode and PLC control technology.

Coal storage
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