Wucaiwan power plant dry coal storage shed

wcw coal shed (7)
wcw coal shed (16)
dry coal storge (12)
wcw coal shed (9)
wcw coal shed (6)
wcw coal shed (13)
wcw coal shed (4)
wcw coal shed (10)
wcw coal shed (2)

This space frame structure is dry coal shed for Wucaiwan power plant.

Wucaiwan Power Plant is located in Wuliwan Town, Changji City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.  It is established in  September 09, 2015. Planning capacity is 2 × 350MW + 4 × 660mW + 4 × 1000MW, the first phase of the project 2 × 350MW supercritical coal-fired indirect air refrigeration unit started in April 2011, in 2013, the two units were put into production; the second phase of the project 2 × 660MW unit It is scheduled to start working in November 2011, and the two units were put into production in July 2014.

The structure is longitudinal arched shape. The element of space frame is quadrangular pyramid. The space frame span is 93m, the length is 182m, the arch is 31.5m, and the height is 3.3m, the projected area is 170,72m2.

The full enclosed coal shed grid structure use bolt ball connection form. The steel selection complies with relevant national code. The steel pipe is  high-frequency welded. Steel is  Q235B steel and #20 steel. The  bolt ball is #45 high-quality carbon structure steel; The high strength bolt is 40Cr with grade of  10.9 s & 9.8 s; The sleeve is Q235 stee & # 45 steel; The sealing plate and cone are Q235B steel. The cladding material is the aluminized zinc-plated steel plate, the thickness is 0.6mm with type 840.

The total cladding area is 32830 m2 and space frame weight is 1276t.



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