Exhibition hall in Suzhou

Suzhou urban planning exhibition hall designed by AUBE was completed in 2018 and officially opened to the public.

Check out the modern exhibition hall in Suzhou. Suzhou urban planning exhibition hall is designed by AUBE. After 6 years’ construction, it was completed in 2018 and officially opened to the public. The exhibition hall uses Lingbi Stone that is the ornamental stone of Suzhou. Lingbi stone’s charming features  are thin, airy, porous and creased with contemporary design techniques. This hall also employs low-tech ecological energy-saving strategies in order to reduce building energy consumption. 

Make the city great!

This exhibit hall is located in the northern part of Anhui Province, at the junction of the four provinces of Anhui, Jiangsu, Shandong and Henan. This  area is  the time-honored birthplaces of Chu-Han Culture and Huai River Culture. In recent years, with the progressing improvement of urban agglomeration policies in China, Suzhou has been working on the upgrade of its infrastructure connectivity level with key cities including Xuzhou and Suqian within the Huaihai Economic Zone. aiming to progressively promote regional coordinated development, improve the city into a sub-center of the Xuzhou metropolitan area and accelerate its integration into Huaihai Economic Zone.

Suzhou urban planning exhibition hall proposes to design a planning exhibition hall for civic engagement. The design scheme has deeply dug into the local context and its uniqueness, and hence forms a spatial organization that naturally makes the architecture a regional cultural landmark of the area. The square-shaped building sits on one side of the square, covering two major functions of display and office.

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