Raw material storage in Tangshan

Raw material storage in Tangshan 1

The dome-shaped raw material storage is located in Hegang Industrial Park, Tangshan City. It includes the civil construction of 1#, 2# and 3# circular raw mterial storage and other related buildings and structures. The three stockyards are 120 meters in diameter, 0.7 meters thick and 20 meters high.

The first arch of raw material storage

The space frame project has the reputation of “the first arch of the raw material storage”. The total length of the structure is 698.92 meters, the span between the supports is 109 meters, the main distance between the supports is 8.96 meters, the bottom elevation of the structure supports is 0.7 meters, and the thickness of the space frame shell is 3.5 meters. The elevation of the top of the structure is 39.748 meters, the structural form is a square quadrangular cone bolt ball space frame, the node form is a bolt ball, and the space frame support form is a column point support, which is mainly composed of rods, bolt balls, high-strength bolts, and supports and supports. It is composed of space frame accessories such as brackets, sleeves and pins.

Bulk storage
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