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The National Speed ​​Skating Oval is the only new ice competition venue for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Speed ​​skating competitions will be held here during the Winter Olympics, resulting in 14 gold medals.

The National Speed ​​Skating Oval has a construction area of ​​about 80,000 square meters and can accommodate about 12,000 spectators. As the Beijing Winter Olympics speed skating competition venue, the venue has the largest all-ice design in Asia, with an ice surface area of ​​12,000 square meters.
The design concept of the project comes from the idea of ​​combining ice and speed. The 22 ribbons are like the traces of athletes sliding across, symbolizing speed and passion.

The engineering structure of the National Speed ​​Skating Oval is divided into the main civil structure, steel structure, cable net structure, curtain wall structure, etc. The steel structure includes the ring truss on the top of the building, and the ring truss serves as the skeleton support of the light roof system of the National Speed ​​Skating Hall. The span is about 200 meters and the short span is about 130 meters. It is in the shape of a space curved saddle. There are 328 main chords and 2220 webs in total, and the total steel consumption is about 8,500 tons. The number of rods is huge, the engineering task is heavy, and the difficulty of hoisting and welding is very complicated.

The façade is assembled from 3,360 curved glass units, each of which has a different bending arc. Through the operation of machinery and workers, the bottom is embedded in a frame made of 160 S-shaped steel keels.
The Stadium is currently the largest single-layer two-way orthogonal saddle-shaped cable-net roof in the world stadium.

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The Xuzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium is a sports venue in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China. It has a capacity of 35,000 and it is used mostly for football matches. It is also used for athletics.  It is designed by China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute Corp. Ltd.  ALUCOBOND® Tray Panels plus 4mm / 6mm with PVDF coil-coated are used as the cladding, and the color is sunrise silver metallic (600).


Xuzhou Olympics Center uses “mountain water and five provinces” as the concept. It takes the planning pattern of mountain rings and landscapes. It is with a symbolic transportation hub, and the central landscape rate rate of the very velocity.


The bird’s nest stadium in Xuzhou

Xuzhou Olympic sports center stadium consists of comprehensive training venue, sports hall, swimming, diving, supporting service facilities and 6 individual buildings, underground garage. The total area is 472800㎡, with a total construction area of 205513㎡. The stadium is 51240㎡, is the largest single building in Olympic sports center,which can accommodate 35000 people watching the game.

The steel structure of xuzhou Olympic Sports Center stadium is a circular cantilever cable bearing grid structure. As a derivative of the chord-supported dome, it is suitable for super large stadiums and other public buildings.

The stadium has a plane shape similar to an ellipse. The horizontal projection size of the structure is about 263mx243m. In the middle is an ellipse-like opening with a size of about 200mx129m. The maximum cantilever length of stadium roof is about 40m, the minimum cantilever length is about 16m, and the height is 43.277m. The whole structure is symmetrically distributed along the east-west and north-south directions.

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The Guangzhou University Town Sports Center Stadium has a total construction area of 49,000 square meters.  The main arena construction area is 47,000 square meters,  while the competition venue area is 19,000 square meters.  The secondary court construction area is 23,000 square meters and the competition venue area is 27,000 square meters. It can hold large-scale event opening ceremonies, international football, rugby matches, large-scale cultural performances and daily mass sports activities.

Stadium for 2010 Guangzhou Asia Games

The roof structure of the main stadium east stand of the Central Stadium is a suspension cable steel structure system. The main member sections are welded or hot-rolled H-shaped sections. The column masts are made of round steel pipes. Artificial grass is laid on the top as the green top decoration; the roof structure of the west stand is a reticulated shell structure system, the maximum span of a single span is about 300 meters, the main member section is seamless steel pipe or straight seam steel pipe, and the roof is covered with white tensile film. Under the stands, there are the organizing committee office rooms, competition function rooms, management rooms, etc., VIP rooms, athletes’ lounges, referees’ lounges, arbitration rooms, medical rescue rooms, press conference rooms, and network computer rooms, which enable itto meet the requirements of hosting international events.

Shenzhen bay sports center (8)
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Shenzhen bay sports center is a large comprehensive sports complex. The total planned land area of the project is 307,300㎡ and the total construction area is 336,000㎡. It mainly includes stadium, gymnasium, swimming center. Shenzhen bay sports center is composed of a single-layer space reticulated shell of steel structure. It covers the three major facilities of stadium, gymnasium and swimming pool under one roof, integrating into a novel sports facility.

Sports center in Shenzhen bay for the 26th Summer Universiade

Gymnasium: a  near-circular gymnasium with more than 10,000 seats, the competition area is 40×70 meters, and 16 table tennis tables can be arranged. The warm-up area is 37×51 meters, and 12 table tennis tables can be arranged. Ancillary competition rooms are designed around the competition venue. The headroom of the gymnasium shall not be less than 15 meters, and the competition (warm-up) venue, competition room setting and streamline organization shall meet the needs of the Universiade competition. There are a total of 10,000 fixed seats and 3,000 movable seats.
Stadium: Shenzhen Bay Sports Center Stadium has a standard track and field field and a warm-up field with a total of 20,000 seats. The main stand is located on the west side, with about 12,000 seats on this side. There are 18 boxes. An auxiliary match room is designed under the west stand. The average height of the highest part of the canopy is about 40 meters, which meets the requirements of anti-glare lamps, and an open sky corridor is set on the east side, so that people can feel the air of the sea when watching the game.
Swimming pool: The building area of ​​the swimming pool is 19,730 square meters; the competition hall has 676 fixed spectator seats; the swimming pool has a 50×25-meter standard competition pool and a 25×25-meter training warm-up pool, which can be used as a national and individual event pool. Venues for international competitions (swimming, water polo, etc.), mass sports activities, amateur and professional team training, etc.

Huaihai International Expo Center (1)
Huaihai International Expo Center (6)
Huaihai International Expo Center (3)

Huaihai international expo center in Xuzhou is located on the north side of Xuzhou Olympic Sports Center. It is an international convention and exhibition center integrating exhibitions, conferences, catering, entertainment, and cultural tourism.

The biggest exhibition center in Jiangsu province

The expo covers a total area of 120.8 hectares, with a total construction area of 674,100㎡. The total investment  is about CNY 10 billion.

Huaihai international expo center, with one head and two wings, is like an eagle spreading its wings, which is particularly spectacular.

There are nearly 13,000 steel structure members for the building roof truss.  The maximum weight of a single truss is 370 kg, and the maximum weight of a single truss is 52 tons. The steel structure beams and columns are prefabricated by the factory. The secondary members such as pipe trusses are processed at the construction site. And the technicians of the component factory are on-site to guide the processing the components.  All components are inspected after production. It not only guarantees that it can be used and manufactured at any time, but also greatly saves the cost of storage and transportation.