Expo center in Xuzhou

Huaihai international expo center in Xuzhou is located on the north side of Xuzhou Olympic Sports Center. It is an international convention and exhibition center integrating exhibitions, conferences, catering, entertainment, and cultural tourism.

The biggest exhibition center in Jiangsu province

The expo covers a total area of 120.8 hectares, with a total construction area of 674,100㎡. The total investment is about CNY 10 billion.

Huaihai international expo center, with one head and two wings, is like an eagle spreading its wings, which is particularly spectacular.

There are nearly 13,000 steel structure members for the building roof truss. The maximum weight of a single truss is 370 kg, and the maximum weight of a single truss is 52 tons. The steel structure beams and columns are prefabricated by the factory. The secondary members such as pipe trusses are processed at the construction site. And the technicians of the component factory are on-site to guide the processing the components.  All components are inspected after production. It not only guarantees that it can be used and manufactured at any time, but also greatly saves the cost of storage and transportation.

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