Winter Olympics Stadium in Beijing

The National Speed ​​Skating Oval is the only new ice competition venue for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Speed ​​skating competitions will be held here during the Winter Olympics, resulting in 14 gold medals.

The National Speed ​​Skating Oval has a construction area of ​​about 80,000 square meters and can accommodate about 12,000 spectators. As the Beijing Winter Olympics speed skating competition venue, the venue has the largest all-ice design in Asia, with an ice surface area of ​​12,000 square meters.
The design concept of the project comes from the idea of ​​combining ice and speed. The 22 ribbons are like the traces of athletes sliding across, symbolizing speed and passion.

The engineering structure of the National Speed ​​Skating Oval is divided into the main civil structure, steel structure, cable net structure, curtain wall structure, etc. The steel structure includes the ring truss on the top of the building, and the ring truss serves as the skeleton support of the light roof system of the National Speed ​​Skating Hall. The span is about 200 meters and the short span is about 130 meters. It is in the shape of a space curved saddle. There are 328 main chords and 2220 webs in total, and the total steel consumption is about 8,500 tons. The number of rods is huge, the engineering task is heavy, and the difficulty of hoisting and welding is very complicated.

The façade is assembled from 3,360 curved glass units, each of which has a different bending arc. Through the operation of machinery and workers, the bottom is embedded in a frame made of 160 S-shaped steel keels.
The Stadium is currently the largest single-layer two-way orthogonal saddle-shaped cable-net roof in the world stadium.

The Government of China

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