Railway station

Nanjing high-speed South railway station (1)
Nanjing high-speed South railway station (4)
Nanjing high-speed South railway station (3)

The structure of the building cover of Nanjing South Railway Station is a double-layer welded ball space frame structure. It is 452m long and 216m wide. The projected area is more than 90,000 square meters. The installation height of the support is 40.4m, and the roof elevation is 59.96m. The roof shape is low in the periphery and high in the middle, and cantilevered outside the columns on all sides, of which the cantilever is 30m in the north-south direction.

The column nets supporting the space frame are unevenly arranged. the column spacing is 42m, 72m, and 42m in the east-west direction.  And the column spacing is 21.5m in the north-south direction. , 40m, 43m, etc.  There are  totally 68 steel pipe columns of φ1600×50mm. The steel pipe column material is Q390C; the basic constituent units of the steel grid roof—the steel pipe column, the universal hinge support, the welding ball, the tube system and other space frame layer structural steel is Q345C.

The characteristics of Nanjing railway station space frame structure:
  1. the structure systme is simple and regular.
  2. the whole structure is huge with high number of components.
  3. the installation span is long which is high chanllenge for installation.
  4. there is lots of welding work during high-altitude assembly.
  5. work of organization and coordiantion is heavy.
Fuyang high-speed railway station (4)
Fuyang high-speed railway station (1)
Fuyang high-speed railway station (2)

The building of the high-speed railway station in Fuyang is an elevated station building with an investment of 814 million yuan. The building area of ​​the station building is 39,996 square meters. The area of ​​the canopy is 40,801 square meters. The area of ​​the parking building is 34,915.92 square meters. The structure is space frame with Aluminum-magnesium-manganese metal roof. The canopy construction area is 40801 square meters. The canopy is in the form of steel structure double-arm cantilever canopy.

The scale of the station yard is 7 sets and 17 lines (including 4 main lines). The high-speed railway station can contain 4,000 people. And the highest hourly passenger volume is 4,932 people (2040). The seismic fortification intensity of the station building is degree VII; the fire resistance class is class I; the station building is waterproof class I; the design service life is 50 years. According to the relevant person in charge of China Railway First Bureau,

The construction unit of the station building is complex.  The station building of Fuyang West Station has the characteristics of large span, large volume and high height. The large span is one of the difficulties in construction. The north-south span of the station building is more than 200 meters, and the height of the station building is 37m. During the construction of the station building, some new technologies will be adopted, such as high-strength concrete, prestressed concrete, large-span and large-area curtain walls. The application of these processes makes the station building both sturdy and beautiful.