Space frame erection methods

09/07/2020by TL

There are 3 main methods of  space frame erection. These space frame erection methods are used according to project site condition and space frame structure.

1. Element & block erection

Elements are assembled by tubes and balls near the designed position on ground, and block is assembled by elements on ground. Then the block is lifted to designed position in air by crane, and elements are lifted to designed position in air by crane too to assembled to the block. This process is repeated till the space frame structure completes. This way is widely used for huge space frame structure.


2. Lift-up erection

The space frame structure is assembled on the ground and then lifted and fixed to supports by lifting appliance such as cranes, oil jack, winches etc. This way is highly secure because of no assembly in air, but it is only applicable for small space frame structure.


3. Sliding erection

This way is applicable for movie center, auditoriumetc. A assembly platform is set up on the lobby roof. A block is assembled on the platform and then moved to sliding track to be slided to the other end of the building. The next block repeats the same process till the whole space frame structure completes. This way needs smaller area of assembly platform and no big lifting appliance, so construction cost will be reduced.