Advantages of space frame toll station

21/03/2023by TL

space frame toll station

In our daily life, space frame toll station is widely used. Why is it so popular? Not only because it is safer and more reliable, but also more aesthetic.

Now, we invite the construction personnel to tell more advantages:
  1. The processing of the space frame of the toll station can be factory-like. Professional design and production linescan achieve large-scale production. It can not only reduce the problems of manual on-site construction, but also ensures product quality and production time. It also has the advantages of fast construction speed, low noise, and less dust pollution, which is unmatched by other structures.
  2. The most important thing is that the safety of light steel structure is much greater than that of concrete structure. Composite wall materials ascladdinghas high fire resistance and good sound insulation effect. Steel structure buildings can not only resist earthquakes of magnitude 9, but also prevent termites. It improves the service life of the building structure and greatly reduces the maintenance cost.
  3. As a green low-carbon building, thespace frame toll stationhas been widely used due to its good earthquake resistance, flexible and variable space, and environmental protection.
  4. The spaceframe of the toll station is a structure of steel structure. High rigidity, good integrity, strong earthquake resistance and high structural safety. Light weight, saving steel, small structure height, can effectively use the building space. Large adaptability, suitable for buildings with large, medium and small spans and various plane forms. It is convenient to obtain materials, and the material cross-sections are diverse to meet the individual needs of consumers. Small-sized material cross-sections can be used to realize large-span buildings. The material specifications are uniform and there is no phenomenon of cutting corners. It is suitable for factory production, effectively improves the progress of the project, and can be disassembled and reused repeatedly, which improves the utilization rate of materials and saves resources.
  5. The development and application of the toll station space framehas promoted the development of the toll station. It also haspromoted the construction of the economy, improved the lives of citizens.