Dry coal shed design of Yahekou power plant

07/02/2023by TL

dry coal shed design

Henan Province Yahekou Power Plant dry coal shed design: 108 meters span, 90 meters length and 38.766 meters height. It uses the structural form of the double -layer space frame structure.

The structure span is so large and the height is so big,  the construction of this project is very difficult.  The overall improvement of the construction technology of the “folding expansion” of the cylindrical space frame structure is a new construction method. The core idea of “folding development” overall improvement of construction technology is the concept of institutional movement. The structure is changed into a mechanism, and the mechanism is turned into a bearing structure.

The process in the middle only needs to be implemented by disassembling a small amount of components. As long as the gravity of the mechanism is overcome, it can make its large -scale flexible movement, which will not have a large impact on the stress state inside the structure. The process of upgrading is a process of institutional movement. This is the essential difference between this method and the method of upgrading (top -up) method of general mesh and mesh shells, and it is also a sublimation of the concept of overall improvement.