Tube design and joint configuration of space frame

13/09/2022by TL


The cross-section of the space frame tube shall be determined according to the strength and stability calculations. In order to reduce the calculated length of the pressure rod and increase its stability, measures  can be adopted. They are adding a re-dividing rod and a supporting rod. The joints of the flat space frame and the double-layers type space frame made of steel mainly include the cross plate joint, the welded hollow ball joint and the bolt ball joint. The cross plate joint is suitable for the space frame structure of the section steel tube. And the connection between the tube and the node plate is connected by welding or high-strength bolts.

Hollow ball joints and bolted ball joints are suitable for the space structure of steel pipe members. The nodes of the single-layer space frame should be able to withstand the bending internal force. Generally, the steel consumption of the nodes accounts for 15-20% of the steel consumption of the entire steel space frame structure.