Space frame structure application in cement plant

04/08/2020by TL

For cement plant, its function has a very clear requirements. Generally speaking, the overall space of cement plant needs to be reasonably arranged. The space frame has the advantages of large stiffness, short construction period, low cost, good seismic performance, etc. In the current space structure system, the application range is very wide, and the area covered is also very large. The manufacturing of steel structure, installation speed is very fast.

With the increase of the application of space frame in various fields, it has formed a relatively mature technical system from design, production to installation. These characteristics are very good in line with the requirements of the structure form of cement plant. Space truss structure in the form of diversification is also very good to adapt to the cement plant.   Space frame can form a smaller mesh size and regular node layout. With the application of anti-corrosion technology and fireproof coating, the space frame can also be fully and effectively used in the environment of high temperature and high humidity. Therefore, the space frame has a good advantage in the application of cement plant.

cement plant 1

If the bulk storage span is very long,  the organic combination of the double layer space frame or three layer space frame can be used. It can effectively reduce the technical difficulty and save economic costs.  Because the improved three-layer space frame is more uniform than the double-layer, the tube length  is shorter. The peak value of internal force is obviously reduced.  It  can effectively reduce the internal force and the section size of the rod. Therefore, if compared with the double-layer grid, the maximum internal force of the improved three-layer grid can be reduced by 27%, and the amount of steel can be reduced by 16%, which has good stress characteristics.